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Joseph – Safford Wellness Connections spotlight article

Joseph, from Safford WC, has been working with Employment Specialist, Kimberly, to enhance his job readiness. Joseph volunteers in the community to achieve his goals which include job skills and mood stabilization. Joseph, who dedicates approximately three hours of his time weekly to volunteering, began at the Chamber of Commerce in Graham County and most recently at the Safford Library.

At the Chamber, Joseph aids staff with paperwork and assists people who need information about the community. While at the library, Joseph primarily returns books to their perspective locations.

Joseph was recognized, in April, for his “dedication and effort” at the library. Library staff presented him with a certificate, an insulated lunch bag, book mark and a pen. When asked, Joseph told the staff at the library, he “likes helping people...” In his spare time, Joseph enjoys reading comedy books and nonfiction books about dogs. His favorite book is Discworld. In his interview for this article, Joseph said, “I enjoy my volunteer work at the library and Chamber of Commerce. I find them great places and I learn a lot.” He was surprised and delighted to learn he was selected for the spotlight article.  Great job Joseph!

Angelica – Douglas Wellness Connections spotlight article

Douglas WC member Angelica has lived in Arizona since birth. She is in recovery from anxiety and depression. Angelica began dieting a year ago due to health issues.  A pulmonologist in Tucson told Angelica he would like her to see a weight loss doctor to which she was reluctant.

Eventually, she said, “Let’s give it a chance and see what happens.” Angelica was told she was a candidate for bariatric surgery. She talked with her family and friends who, along with Angelica, were concerned. Angelica decided to take the risk, do it, and improve her health. Angelica lost 68 lbs on her own, before the surgery.  She underwent tests and a psych evaluation before being officially cleared for surgery.

According to Angelica, “WC staff was very supportive throughout the process. They provided peer support during the long waiting periods between doctor visits and check-ups when, “I felt like giving up.” It’s been six months since the surgery and Angelica has lost 115 lbs! This decision has completely changed her life. She claims, “I have a whole new lifestyle and understanding of food and of my body’s needs. I walk and exercise most every day and I have more energy.” Even though it was an arduous journey she would do it all again because she now sees a different person. It has built her self-esteem and made her stronger.  Congratulations Angelica!

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